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ELVIS’ Bookings, reservations and cancellation Policy

ELVIS strongly recommends it guests always having a valid travel insurance for unforeseeable circumstances.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them, ELVIS is more than happy to assist or explain any unclarity. Also ELVIS is always flexible at heart and willing to fulfil special needs due to exceptional circumstances as long a chance is given to be so.



ELVIS is a non commercial property and is designed and offered as a luxurious private (family) villa. Every agreement and the conditions included are made as a private agreement. ELVIS does NOT host stag- or hen vacations, (young)student groups and/or graduation vacations. Parties are NOT allowed! The maximum amount of adult guests is 12. four extra beds are available for minors belonging to the group. The maximum amount of 16 guests in total can not be exceeded. the minimum age of the main client is 23 years.

– Bookings/reservations over any platform different than a direct booking are always under the conditions mentioned on that specific platform and also for the prices mentioned on that specific platform.

– It’s not possible to combine any conditions, special offers or prices from one platform with conditions or prices from another platform or even a direct booking/reservation.

– Direct booking and reservation, either by ELVIS’ website or social media channels provide a ‘best rate’.

– provided ‘best’ rates are always so called “ non refundable rates” whether this is mentioned, specified or not.

– With every direct booking or reservation, a 30% deposit of the total costs of the complete booking/ reservation is/ will be required within 5 days from making the initial reservation.

– ELVIS will hold the requested dates blocked for 5 days after inquiry and/or date of reservation/ booking.

– Only after receival of the full deposit a reservation is complete and only after fulfillment of this obligation a client can appeal to ELVIS’ booking and cancellation policy.

– A deposit cannot be paid in terms unless specifically agreed on.

– In case the balance of a reservation deposit is not met within the 5 day’s time limit the intended reservation is cancelled automatically.

– Any incomplete deposit is automatically non refundable, and ELVIS has no further obligation towards client.

– Any reservation becomes a booking first after the balance of the total costs of the total booking is paid in full.

– By making the reservation and/or making any payment client agrees with ELVIS’ booking and reservation policies as well with ELVIS’ house rules

– Exceptions to the above are only valid after written consent by ELVIS. Client changing conditions by his/her self or not fulfilling the agreed on his/her behalf automatically dissolves the initial agreement and no claim can be made on previous agreed.

– A reservation within 60 days before arrival is automatically a booking and is required to be paid in full within 5 days after confirmation.


– Every party rents ELVIS exclusively, no other parties or guests will be in or around the villa.

– All given rates are including all services and taxes, no other costs are there to come.

– Deposit payment: On date of reservation or within at least 5 days after reservation has been agreed on.

– ELVIS will immediately confirm once the deposit or any other payment is received.

– A deposit is a guarantee your dates will be blocked exclusively for you until 60 days before intended arrival. Whether they are blocked on platforms calendars or not ELVIS will not accept other reservations for these dates.

– The balance of the total bookingcosts (rent, cleaning costs and special requirements if any) need to be paid at last 60 days before arrival.

– Any booking is only then completed after receival of the total costs of the booking.

– Non completed bookings are automatically dissolved.

– Reservations/ bookings made within 60 days before arrival are to be paid within 5 days in full.



– ELVIS offers a free unrestricted cancellation policy within the first 48hours for all direct bookings. If any deposit payment already has been made, a full refund of the received amount will be executed immediately after receival and without deducting costs.

– Up to 60 days before arrival client may cancel the initial reserved dates for free. This means that ELVIS offers the possibility client to reschedule his/her stay to another date of clients’ choice (if possible) within the initial year or even the next without charging extra costs.

– If the new preferred dates are in a lower or higher rated price period, the difference will be settled.

– Free cancelation does not contain any refund(s).

– Basically, a full Cancelation after 60 days before arrival involves costs and/or loss of the paid deposit and/or other (part)amounts.

– A no show of client on the reserved/booked/paid dates will cancel all rights on refund or reschedule possibilities.

– Reservations/ bookings made within the 60 days prior to arrival date are excluded from (free) cancellation.



– We understand sometimes exceptional circumstances are rising out of the blue without anybody’s fault. Of course, we are trying to be flexible and always will help to find a solution for the unexpected circumstances. But in order to find any solution or grant any courtesy request for (any)refund or reschedule within the 60days prior to arrival we do require full information about, and proof of, these special and extraordinary unforeseeable circumstances.

– If more payments than just the deposit has been made, we will individually judge the situation and circumstances and inform client about the decision within one week after receiving the (courtesy) request.

– Any courtesy request for cancellation whether for (part) refund or reschedule after 60 days before arrival needs to be accompanied with the reason(s) and proof of reasons.

– Any decision, offered solution or outcome will always be a pure individual and personal decision but always based on the best intentions but also fully voluntary and without any obligation to, a for client, positive decision.